Clearwater Outdoor Activities

Clearwater Outdoor ActivitiesIt really doesn't matter if you're a land-lover or prefer to be out on the water. If you find yourself in Clearwater and you're a true nature lover, there is plenty to be enamored with in the great outdoors here. From gorgeous beaches that offer incredibly blue water and inviting white sands to the lush parks and various other scenic lookout points that you'll find here, you may have to strategically schedule your day in order to see it all and spend some quality time basking in Clearwater's exceptional natural beauty.

Moccasin Lake Nature Park
Clearwater's Moccasin Lake Nature Park is a must-see for every nature and outdoor enthusiast. The 50-acre park features an environmental education center that offers plenty of exhibits and presentations that emphasize the importance of conservation and other issues. There is also a lake on site as well as an upland forest, wetlands and plenty of plant and animal species to be seen as you stroll along the mile-long nature trail that winds through the park.

Address: 2750 Park Trail Lane, Clearwater, FL 33759 - MAP
Phone: (727) 793-2976

Clearwater Beach
Whether you're a beach-goer or just a fan of the outdoors, you will marvel at the natural beauty that characterizes Clearwater Beach. The white sands and sparkling waters are the obvious highlights, but these natural attributes are augmented by such amenities as the marina, bathhouse, boat ramp, full-time lifeguards, playground and showers. Also, the beach is in close proximity to various restaurants and other attractions.

Address: Western end of State Road 60, 2 miles west of downtown Clearwater, Clearwater, FL - MAP
Phone: (727)-GOPHILS

Sand Key Park
Spending time in Clearwater means that visiting the beach is almost a requirement. And regardless if you are a big fan of the beach or not, you will love spending some time outdoors at Sand Key Park. While this may be one of the many beaches in the area, it has the distinction of being the widest and whitest in Florida, including the Panhandle, as well. Enjoy strolling leisurely along the shore in the evening or make it a day-long visit. But remember that the popularity of this beach means that there is always a fair amount of fellow beach-goers on hand, so plan your visit accordingly.

Address: 1060 Gulf Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33767 - MAP
Phone: (727) 595-7677

Honeymoon Island State Park
Clearwater's Honeymoon Island State Park is a multidimensional paradise for the avid nature lover. The park took its name from the many thatched bungalows that have been frequented by many honeymoon couples. There is plenty of natural beauty to soak in here that includes osprey nests, a wide variety of shorebirds, and one of the last remaining slash pine forests in Florida. Also, there are several nature trails and bird observation areas that allow visitors to get even closer to the natural beauty that comprises this beautiful outdoor area.

Address: Causeway Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33767 - MAP
Phone: (727) 469-5942

Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Nature enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the Clearwater Marine Aquarium for two reasons. First, it will obviously be a great opportunity to see some of the marine life that usually lives beneath the surface of the ocean in their natural habitats. But the second, and perhaps more interesting reason is that visitors can learn about the efforts that the facility puts forth in rehabilitating injured animals before allowing them to return to their natural surroundings.

Address: 249 Winward Passage, Clearwater, FL 33767 - MAP
Phone: (727) 441-1790

Sea Life Safari Boat Tour
It is always fun to learn about the ocean and all of the life that makes its home there. But it is a completely different experience to actually be out on the water to see that life in action. Aquatic enthusiasts will most definitely enjoy that opportunity when they get on board for the Sea Life Safari Boat Tour. This two-hour excursion is associated with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and provides participants the chance to look for dolphins, sea birds and other marine life as one of the aquarium staff member narrates the scenic ride to a shell island. One of the many highlights of the trip includes seeing a net pull that offers a chance to reach out and touch ocean wildlife before they are released back into their natural habitat.

Address: 25 Causeway Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33767 - MAP
Phone: (800) 444-4814