Clearwater Museums & History

Clearwater Museums & HistoryClearwater is known for its incredibly inviting beaches and seemingly endless string of sunshine-filled days. And while aquatic and leisurely pursuits are a hallmark of the area, there is also plenty of fascinating history to discover here, as well. Some of the stories that inhabit the area's past include everything from pursuits in the field of aviation to the significance of the cultural contributions of African Americans. These are just two aspects of the area's history that await to be discovered in Clearwater's fine museums and historical places.

Florida Military Aviation Museum
The Florida Military Aviation Museum captures the true spirit and essence of the history of those who braved the skies to feel the freedom of flight. Visitors will learn about past flight missions and the individuals who piloted them to success. Also, the impressive exhibits of restored U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army and Coast Guard aircraft are on display for the public to view and study to gain a greater understanding for the important role that aviation has played in defending our nation.

Address: St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport,
Clearwater, FL 33762 - MAP
Phone: (941) 347-7941

Studio 1212
Cooperation instead of competition is the mission of Studio 1212. Established in October of 1970, this is the oldest artist cooperative in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The membership is limited to thirty members who not only create and teach their craft in this cooperative, but they frequently hold openings and display their art for the public to view and purchase. Various classes are offered as well, as the members of the co-op also value the opportunity to give back by teaching their craft to aspiring artists.

Address: 1405 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL 33755 - MAP
Phone: (727) 446-4566

Pinellas County African American History Museum
Learning about different cultures allows for a greater understanding of not only their customs but how everyone is influenced by its various contributions. The Pinellas County African American History Museum dramatically underscores the contributions of the African American culture through the use of various exhibits that present artifacts and other items of interest. The museum also regularly schedules various unique events throughout the year that further highlight the African American experience.

Address: 1101 Marshall Street, Clearwater, FL 33755 - MAP
Phone: (727) 532-1698

Clearwater Historical Society
The Clearwater Historical Society consistently puts forth its various efforts in the conservation, research and use of the area's past. They do this by recovering and preserving various historical artifacts, relics and documentation. The organization also provides its services to other museums and educational institutions. The Society also maintains the Plumb House Museum on its property that offers free admission to visitors who want to come and dig deeper into Clearwater's history.

Address: 1380 S Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, Clearwater, FL - MAP
Phone: (727) 446-4250

Moccasin Lake Nature Park
Clearwater's natural history is highlighted and preserved at Moccasin Lake Nature Park. The facility is also an environmental and education center that provides students and visitors with a chance to learn about Clearwater's many natural amenities. Guests can not only learn about them in the center, they can experience them firsthand when they take to the nature trail that offers a chance to get closer to the area's beauty with the possibility of seeing everything from egrets, ospreys, butterflies and even alligators.

Address: 2750 Park Trail Lane, Clearwater, FL 34618 - MAP
Phone: (727) 793-2976

Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Clearwater's incredible natural amenities are a significant part of what makes this Florida city so unique. The dazzling beaches not only attract their share of tourists, but they also are important to the various species of wildlife that make their home here. Learn more about them when you visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Go on a dolphin adventure, see various incredible exhibits and spend some fun time in the Kid Zone. This facility not only teaches about Clearwater's vibrant natural attractions, it draws you into them, too!

Address: 249 Winward Passage, Clearwater, FL 33767 - MAP
Phone: (727) 441-1790